SoundLAB on final version of NewMediaFest2007


As a part of NewMediaFest2007,
SoundLAB will present a virtual and a physical soundart component on

Valencia 2008 – 17 April – 10 May 2008 La Nau- Valencia/Spain

  • SoundLAB V – soundSTORY
    including curated components by
    Rubén García Valencia/Spain, Julian Jonker Cape Town/SA & Melody Parker-Carter (SoundLAB)
    featuring 70 soundartists from 40 countries
  • –> SIP -SoundLAB Interview Project
  • as the computer based component


  • SoundLAB – soundOBJECTS
    an exhibition of scultural soundobjects to be presented in a physical exhibition at La Nau
  • Both components will be combined in a physical installation.

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