S o u n d L A B Collection

sonic art projects 2004-2010

SoundLAB – an historical monument

Dear visitors of SoundLAB,

After 7 successful years, in 2010 SoundLAB released its 7th curated project edition featuring the best soundartists on earth.

SoundLAB started in 2004 as a media art project created by Agricola de Cologne, dedicated to soundart which is representing according to its creator one of the relevant and most interesting expressions in digital art, although he was not a creator of soundart himself.

Agricola de Cologne completed meanwhile conceptually SoundLAB as a media art project and international platform for sonic art, and from 1 January 2012 on SoundLAB will become an historical monument of digital art open to the public as part of “Le Musee di-visioniste – the new museum of networked art”

Viva SoundLAB!

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
founder, creator and director of SoundLAB

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