Jump right in soundLAB!

It's like plunging into the vibrant ocean of sound, a challenge of your senses and imagination. That's more than you may expect!

soundLAB brings sonic art to you

Like climbing the mountains of your inner self, like exploring the eternal light through sound.

Surrounded by soundLAB is like a walk in the park

It's really just a walk in the park. If in that park you'll meet children playing, If there's a picnic going on and there's cake, you can consider yourself invited and things will become a piece of cake.

soundLAB will be overwhelming you

Especially if your spirit opens door wide to allow the Unexpected, und Not-Yet-Existing, the things to come, yet.

soundLAB is like the breath of life

surrounding you with the breath of hope and peace, the beauty of new born landscapes full of memory and reflections.

SoundLAB Interviews

Agricola de Cologne, curator invited the artists participating in SoundLAB to answer 10 questions of an interview spotlighting the their creative background

SoundLAB - edition I

2004 start of SoundLAB in the conte3xt of the global networking project [R][R][F] - Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting

SoundLab - edition II

2005 -soundLAB - 2nd edition - curatorial contributions from Canada, Bulgaria, Germany


2006 - soundLAB - 3rd edition
curatorial contributions from Australia & Germany


2007 - 4th soundLAB edition
curatorial contributions from Chile & Germany

SoundLAB V

2008 - 5th soundLAB edition
curatorial contributions from South Africa, Spain and Germany


2009 - 6th soundLAB edition
including 128 artists


2010 - 7th soundLAB edition
finalization of the sonic art project - including 100 artists


curated exhibition of sculptural object dealing with sound @ Digital Media Valencia 2008

SoundLAB - sonic art projects

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